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Bartender – Employee Benefits

  • Five (5) Day Work Week
  • Paid Vacation: One Week after Year One, Two Weeks after Two Years, and Three Weeks after Ten Years 
  • Health Insurance – Medical & Dental Programs Available 
  • 401K Plan – Immediate Eligibility. Must be 21 or Over to Enroll
  • Shift Meals at 50% Off

Bartender – Basic Requirements
All interested candidates MUST:

  • Follows all company safety and sanitation policies and  procedural training 
  • Mixes liquor and drink ingredients according to company recipes and measures
  • Serves guests in a cheerful and courteous temperament, as well as displays a neat and clean professional image                         
  • Maintains a neat and clean, properly stocked bar                         
  • Verifies correct pricing for drinks                          
  • Ability to serve food according to the Server Job Description requisites                  
  • Be knowledgeable of drink promotions and specials, and answer guests’ questions verbally and clearly                          
  • Accurately enter orders into POS system, in a timely manner                          
  • Ability to assess guests’ demeanor, identify intoxicated guests and determine when to summon a Manager.                      
  • Collect guests’ payments (credit cards, cash, or gift cards only), ensures transactions are correct using POS efficiently, calculates and delivers correct change to guests in a timely manner
  • Perform shift changes, opening/closing duties, assigned sidework                         
  • Can physically stand/walk 100 % of shift                         
  • Can reach, bend, stoop, stir, wipe, as well as shake drinks vigorously                       
  • Can immerse hands in water frequently       
  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Ability to speak, read and write English                          
  • Ability to read and write handwritten guest checks, notes, etc
  • Complete and pass Florida Responsible Vendor program, in compliance with Flanigan’s and Florida statutes      
  • Complete and pass food safety certification Vendor program, in compliance with Flanigan’s and Florida statutes         
  • Ability to request proper identification, as well as manually calculate  and determine guests’ age